The Wolfhound


Proud to be different

Yes, The Wolfhound Irish bar and kitchen is a little bit different. And proud of it.

Great food and drink, great music and a great atmosphere, that's what we're about.

Our unique cellar lounge dates from approximately 1640 and is the stage to live music every week, ranging from intimate singer-songwriter showcases to full-on rock bands and lively jam sessions. And if you're in on a night when there's no live music but you fancy some, you're welcome to grab the house guitar and bang a few tunes out yourself. Just no Wonderwall.

Seriousy, no Wonderwall.

Open till late at night, but also for breakfast and lunch, both food and drink are treated with due respect in The Wolfhound. Great home made burgers, classic fish and chips, and more excellent and authentic dishes like it; all made in-house and paired with a great range of local and imported craft beers.