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Wolfhound - Lagunitas

After an amazing first season, we are so excited to do this again, and this season the prize money will be not 3, but 4K!!
Not a gift equivalent or recording time or equipment.
No. 4000 Euro to do with as the band pleases.
And that's not all, There will also be a €1000 prize for the runners up AND a €500 prize for the band that ends up in 3rd place!

So if you want to sign up for next season, or just want more info: send an email with (a link to) audio and/or viedo material to

A few things to bear in mind:
Gigs will be held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 22:00 starting in November, so make sure you're available!
All entrants must live in a 15 km radius from The Wolfhound.
Everyone participating must be over 18.
Each band will play a 45-minute set, of wich at least 30 minutes is original material.
And bring your friends! The winner is decided by audience votes and a jury - right up to the final this time.
All entries must be in before October 15th 2023.

Prepare for Battle!